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Crime against vehicles is by far the most frequent issue that we have for the HNP that consists of about 1,000 homes.  Vehicles that are parked along the curb in the street are much more likely to be vandalized than ones parked in the driveway.  The major attraction for this crime is any valuable (CD's, players, bags, GPS units) that are left in the car as visible from outside the glass.  All it takes is the end of a spark plug to easily break the window glass.  This crime is usually very quick hitting ---- just seconds.  If you have to park the car outside of the garage, no valuables should be left in the parked car as visible through the windows.  If we follow this rule, then most of the crime events below could have been avoided.


We will be listing these specific crimes below as they have occurred within our vicinity.


October 5, 2012

A vehicle break-in took place on Oct 5th on 2424 Hillary that resulted in several items being stolen.


August 24, 2012

On Aug 24th, two cars were broken into ---  2208 Hodges Place and 2304 Hillary Trail. 


February 24, 2011

Vehicle break-in on Austin.


August 6, 2010

Dell laptop computer was stolen from an unlocked car at 2515 Edgefield during late Aug 5th or early Aug 6th.


July 26, 2010

At 1914 Perry Drive, a vehicle (apparently unlocked) was broken into around noon on Monday (July 26th).


June 28, 2010

2307 Grimsley --- a car break-in occurred on June 28th.  Small items taken.


January 24, 2010

An arrest was made for theft of contents from a vehicle at 2627 Morgan Ann.


September 20, 2009

Woodie Woodward (Nugent Block Captain) just reported that two vehicle break-ins took place at 2006 Nugent and that the garage door openers were taken.


July 31, 2009

Last night my sisters truck was broken into in front of our home (1 Macan Ct).  They broke out the back window and stole her bag of clothes and toiletries.  We called Mansfield police and made a report.  Funny thing is that they left the valuables in the car and only took some clothes and a hair dryer and so on.  Her CD's and stereo were left behind. Her bag was on the floor in her front seat.  They were so kind to lock up the truck after they went thru and got what they wanted.     Amy Wolf


June 19, 2009

Last night, after 12:00 pm, my husband's truck was broken into at 2102 Nugent Drive.  His Cobra Radar Detector and Garmin Navigation were stolen.


June 10, 2009

Last night, we had another vehicle break-in (thru window glass) of a speaker, amp, and radar detector (total of $1,150 in losses) from a GMC truck at 13 Dobree Court sometime last night (June 10th) after 6:30pm.


June 9, 2009

We had a vehicle break-in on Joshua on June 9th that resulted in the loss of a built-in cd player ($385 loss) from the Honda Crv. 


March 15, 2009

The online police reports included a smash & grab burglary from a parked vehicle at 2207 Laura Elizabeth Trail that occurred sometime after midnight on March 15th.  There was $250 damage for a broken back passenger glass on the Acura car and the $400 theft of a 5.6-inch color monitor.  


December 24, 2008

Our car was broken into. Thank goodness all they took was a case full of movies, music cd's and our headphones to the t.v. in the car. Just wanted to alert everyone. It happened Chrsitmas Eve night. It must have been someone on foot, maybe some kids. Our garage got left open by accident and they did not take anything else which leads me to believe they had nowhere to put anything, because there was plenty for them to take out of the garage.  Carrie Eatman    2106 Hodges Pl.


December 2, 2008

Nichols Trail (2100 Block) --- smash & grab theft from a 2004 Honda Civic caused the $325 loss of a wallet, book of checks, ear rings, and a broken side window. 


October 3, 2008

My neighbor just called me to report that a van parked in front of 2414 Hillary was broken into today between 1pm and 1:45pm.  They smashed the drivers side window and then opened the sliding door on the side.  The residents were at home at the time but did not hear anything.  I just spoke to the resident and it was his mothers van who's window was broken and a attache case with money and other valuables was stolen.  They called Mansfield police and it took over 30 minutes for them to respond. 
If anyone saw anything suspicious during this time, please contact Mansfield PD.
Thanks, Sherri (Hillary Block Captain)



September 21, 2008

On September 21st, Richmond Circle, 2400 block: A Texas driverís license, a debit card, two credit cards, a Social Security card, a checkbook and a wallet were stolen from a 2006 Chevrolet 2500, totaling $30 in loss.


August 28, 2008

Sent by Edgefield Block Captain (north end) on evening of August 28th:
A home on Edgefield had a vehicle break-in last night (Wed night).  The owner discovered the robbery when a good Samaritan callled to inform the homeowner that she had found some family photos scattered around Dobree and Logan.  The pictures along with photo albums had been in a shopping bag in the trunk of the car which was parked in the driveway overnight.  Apparently, someone came into the driveway (the house has a motion detector light on the garage that would have turned on), opened the trunk and stole the bags of pictures.........all while the garage light was shining on the driveway.  Pretty bold!



August 24, 2008

Hillary Trail, 2400 block: car window was smashed.


July 23, 2008


On Savannah Drive (2100 Block), a car break-in resulted in a $1,030 loss that included the theft of several items within the car. 



July 20, 2008


Meera Court, 100 block: Four golf clubs were stolen from a 1995 Chevrolet Camaro, totaling $700 in loss.



May 5, 2008


Greg and Rob,
I was talking with my neighbor (2 Mary Lou) the other night, and she told me that on 5-5 somewhere after 11:30 PM, a car in front of their house had the window smashed in.  She was curious to know if there were any other incidents that evening in the neighborhood.  She did not file a report with MPD.
Thank you,
Michael E. James, CCNA 



March 29, 2008

Hi June,


Last week a wallet was stolen out of our vehicle, which was in the driveway. Nothing else was taken.  As best we can figure it happened between 10pm Saturday night and 9am Sunday morning.  Yesterday my husband received his license back in the mail from a woman who found it on the ground while she was jogging.  I don't know what her jogging route is, but I'm thinking whoever stole it must live somewhere nearby and dumped the wallet while driving or after returning home.  The return address was Tabasco Trail; this is in the development on the north side of Debbie lane a couple of miles from here.  


The thief tried to use my husband's credit cards twice, once at Sonic and once at Target, both locations in Mansfield.  Luckily we had cancelled the cards as soon as we realized what had happened.  I just wanted to make folks aware that break-ins are still happening on vehicles in our neighborhood, and hopefully provide some information that might help with patrol efforts.  Thanks.



2500 Block of Bowman Ave.


August 30, 2007

A resident on Dobree Court just reported two theft losses that occurred on their street last night. "We had a chain saw stolen from the bed of our truck last night which was parked in the driveway. The lid of the metal tool box was lifted up, but nothing that we know of is missing. I am filing a police report today. Our neighbor had some things stolen out of their pick up truck last night too. It has a cover on it and they lifted the cover and took some tools and a $50 soccer bag with soccer gear. Also, I have a suggestion, I walked the neighborhood this morning at 5:30 and noticed that many of our neighbors DO NOT have their porch lights or garage lights on. This may be a small sacrifice but may deter the THIEVES if we ALL started keeping our porch and garage side lights on throughout the night."



August 23, 2006

Laura Elizabeth Trail, 2200 block: A 1989 GMC Suburban was damaged and a Mp3/Stereo player, aircraft manuals and 10 music CDs were stolen, totaling $930 in loss.



August 7-8, 2006

A report from one of our HNP Block Captains on August 8th is as follows; "One of my neighbors mentioned something about an arrest last night of 5 men in a Mercedes at Morgan Ann & Hodges for breaking into vehicles."

In the Mansfield Mirror, the following police report was issued for August 8th: Hodges Place, 2300 block: A Sony CD player was stolen totaling $250 in loss.  In addition, the following police report was issued on August 7th: Grimsley Terrace, 2300 block: An Eclipse CD receiver with Mp3 decoder valued at $300 was stolen out of a 1989 Oldsmobile. There's a very good chance that both of these offenses are associated with the Block Captain's report shown above.

If anyone has further information on the above, please forward it back to me or call the police at 817-473-9381.