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This type of theft on trucks has been an issue for the HNP in the past.  The vandals place bricks (sometimes from neighbors yards) under the truck and deflate the tires to suspend the vehicle.  Then they remove the lugs from the wheels, take the wheels, and leave the truck suspended on the bricks.  The vandals have no problem doing trucks that are in the driveway, not just the curb.


There have been crime rings focused on just truck wheels.  Fortunately, the police have clamped down on this recently, and we have seen a big drop off in these type of crimes.

We will be listing these specific crimes below as they have occurred within our vicinity.


April 10, 2010


From Lisa Roner (Welch Place):


Just wanted to let you know that someone tried to steal the wheels (not even specialty, just factory-installed) off my daughter's new Dodge Ram truck last night (she got it over Easter weekend, so it's a fairly new development that there's a car in our driveway at night, since our other two have always gone in the garage at night).  It happened about 11:45 last night (Saturday).   I was up late stripping wallpaper (ugh!) and a lot of lights were still on in the house.   And as you know we have pretty extensive landscape lighting and a street light right by us. 


The good news is that our Great Dane went off in a very big way (she definitely earned her dog biscuits for the month!) and scared them off.  By the time she barked and I got outside with my baseball bat ,they were gone. But they left behind a skate board ramp (which I'm sure they probably stole) that they were using to keep the truck from rolling down our hilly driveway. 


No real damage done, but it lets us know there's this kind of activity ongoing in the neighborhood. Mansfield PD was very responsive and said they'd definitely step up patrols around our area.



September 19, 2009


A Silverado had its wheels/tires stolen at 2414 Elliott during very early hours on Saturday, resulting in a $2,000 loss.  This is the third such crime this year for the HNP.  We had four trucks lose their wheels/tires during 2008.  We have never received a lead on any of these crimes.  Again, if anyone noticed a vehicle moving about around mid-night or the very early morning hours on Saturday --- please send in this info.



June & July, 2009


Sent on 7-10-09:  I wanted to remind you that we continue to experience tire/wheel thefts throughout the city. The primary target appears to be factory  & aftermarket 20 inch or larger wheels. These offenses are not unique to Mansfield, many other cities are experiencing similar issues. 


Sent on 6-23-09:  This is an alert regarding a recent (past Week) increase in wheel and tire thefts. The suspects are targeting 20 or larger factory  & after market wheels. It does not matter if your wheels have locks as there are only a few different type of wheel locks out there and they are very easy to obtain. The thefts are occurring late at night to early morning. We do not have any suspect info at this time.


Officer C. K. Phillip

Community Resource Officer


May 7, 2009


Elliott resident shared that on May 7th her son noticed at 7:30 am that a truck on Nichols Trail was on cinder blocks with all four of its wheels stolen.  No police report was filed on this theft for some reason. 


February 3, 2009


Had a set of truck wheels stolen from a resident at 2202 Richmond Circle sometime around midnight of Feb 2nd (Mon) or early morning hours of Feb 3rd (Tues).  The description of the loss is as follows;  Four aluminum factory rims, four factory tires and a tire pressure sensor were stolen from a 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe, totaling $3,520 in loss.


September 10, 2008


I just got a call from my neighbor who said that a car on Hillary and Edgefield area had their truck on blocks and missing wheels. It sounded like a similar story and I just wanted to relay the message to you.   Talk to you later,  Melanie (Harris Crossing)


We talked to a homeowner on edgefield this morning and they bought a new chevy pickup yesterday and last night they wheels and tires were taken. He knows it was before 3am because that is when he gets up to leave for work.   mc (Richmond Circle)


August 19, 2008


Sent on Aug 19th at 9am:

Hi Greg,


Just thought I'd let you know that we have become the latest victim. Last night someone put Chris' work truck on bricks and took all 4 tires & wheels. The took paverstones from our neighbor across the street and 2 doors down! They were planning on taking the ones off Chris' personal truck too as they had bricks thrown on the ground beside it but it has double locks on it and they couldn't get them off.


mc (2300 block of Richmond Circle)



June 6, 2008




Yeah ---- we had a few trucks get hit last summer.  They put bricks under the truck, let the air out of the tires to suspend the wheels, and then undo the lugs.




This also happened to one of our neighbors a few months ago. He lives at the

corner of Charleston & Savannah (Charleston address). The thieves put his truck

carefully on bricks also and took his tires. I have noticed a bit of an increase in

MPD patrol recently, at least on Savannah.


Leann Grubbs

Savannah Dr.



Sent: 6-6-08 at 9:38am


This morning between 4:00 and 5:30 the wheels were stolen off of a truck in the drive way at 13 Dobree Court.  My grand daughter said she spoke with the police and there had been several more taken in this area also last night.  They took the bricks from the neighbors next door to set the truck on when they removed the wheels.


Joan (Dobree Court Block Captain)


Sent: 6-6-08 at 4:53pm


Hey Greg last evening, sometime between 2am and 6am, our neighbor had four tires stolen right off his truck in his driveway.  It was at 2403 Hillary...  The police came out, not much interest to be honest, and said it was probably a group out of Ft Worth.  A Dallas police officer lives right next door and he said that he came off his shift at 2am and did not see anything unusual.   

IT was a very clean job, they put the wheels evenly on landscaping bricks.  The owners obviously were a little surprised for out here, especially since it was about 20 ft from their new baby's nursery.






September 11, 2007

We continue to have problems with vehicle tire/rims theft. On September 11th, a police report was filed for a residence on the 2200 Block of Ragland Road for the theft of four tires and rims from a 2007 Cadillac Escalade, totaling $7,800 in loss. That's four such thefts over the past four months for the HNP vicinity, that we know of.



August 14, 2007

Fellow HNP Block Captains (some others blind copied);

Barbie Bruce, our Perry Drive Block Captain at 2005 Perry Drive, reported that all the custom rims and tires were stolen off their 2004 Nissan Titan truck, sometime between midnight and early this morning. The truck was parked in the driveway.

From Barbie ---- "After talking to the police, it seems as though there are a lot of tires and rims stolen from our neighborhood. My husband mentioned that whoever stole them had the right tools to remove the lug nuts. They even borrowed our neighbors landscaping bricks to hold the truck up (how sweet of them). My guess is that they scout the area out well before they do this. This was not a job done by just one or two punks, but several that know what they're doing."



August 12-14, 2007

August 14th:

Perry Drive, 2000 block: Four Pirrelli Scorpion tires and four MB
Bruiser rims were stolen from a 2004 Nissian Titan, totaling $1,680 in


August 13th:

Morgan Ann Avenue, 2600 block: An XM satellite radio was stolen,
totaling $150 in loss.


August 12th:

Morgan Ann Avenue, 2500 block: An Eddie Bauer backpack, a Garmin GPS, an
Apple iPod, a Kodak camera, two coins, a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, a
Bluetooth ear piece and a Nokia cell phone were stolen from a 2004
Hyundia Sonata, totaling $1,955 in loss.