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We will be listing (below) all suspicious vehicle or person sightings within our HNP vicinity.


November 4, 2010

Suspicious white Cadillac on Dobree:




Check out the following that I received on that Cadillac.  Do y'all want me to follow up with the Police on this?  Or, has this car gone away?  I have not received any feedback from our other Dobree residents on this.






LIC BY5F671 JUN/2011 OLD # TONLY06 MAY/2010 EWT  4100 GWT   4100
TITLE 05741040393153313 ISSUED 08/13/2010 ODOMETER N/A REG DT 08/05/2010
VIN: 1G6KD54Y2WU714677                        BODY VIN:                      


----- Original Message -----

Sent: Wednesday, November 03, 2010 10:39 PM

Subject: Re: White Cadillac




Check out each others messages below, regarding the car.  You both are on top of this!  Thus far (besides Denise), I haven't received any other messages on this car.  I'll let you both know asap, if something comes in.  You two are doing a super job of documenting things.  I'll send the plate number to one of my "crime watch" friends that can run the numbers.  We'll see what we get.









I don’t know whose car it is, but I called the police this morning after we watched it drive away last night and found it parked in the same spot the next morning. (Also, Larry tells me it was not there when he came home from work today and then was there a few minutes later. And, for what it’s worth, he went out to look at it and said that there was a nice drawing of a man with two boys sitting in the back window.)


Anyway, they said they’d send a patrol car by.  We saw the patrol car go by, twice, but did not see a police officer get out.




----- Original Message -----

Sent: Wednesday, November 03, 2010 7:56 PM

Subject: White Cadillac



Could you ask the neighbors if anyone claims, or knows the owner of this white Cadillac Deville TX License # BY5F671.

It has been parked on Dobree at Logan last night and most of today Wednesday Nov 3rd.

Our neighbors do not know who it belongs to and thought it looked suspicious.







September 17, 2010

"Young black male early 20s caught looking into neighbors houses/window this evening between 5 and 7pm.  A few neighbors followed him out of suspicion since he was just sitting on curb in front of our home and looked into our neighbors house. As they followed he looked at houses on Welch and Field as well. He would make a phone call once he was finished looking in the homes.  Neighbors called 911 and made sure the police knew where to find him. We are not sure what the police said or did once they stopped him in the Ace parking lot. So please be aware of your surroundings. Even if they are just sitting on the curb you can never be too cautious."


July 6, 2010

Also today, we received the following report from a resident at the 2400 Block of Hillary Trail.  The resident did the proper thing and called the Police, but obviously didn't get the kind of response that was expected.  This could be a result of the Police being stretched too thin with responses and really don't have the time to take on these type of calls that may not amount to anything.  Please take note of the vehicle / persons description and we should treat this as suspicious, unless anyone can give us feedback that there's no problem.  This is why our crime watch work is important and that we have to help ourselves to an extent.
"I called Mansfield Police around 4 pm this afternoon (July 6th) regarding a strange car parked in front of my house, with Louisiana plates, which at this time is still there.  The dispatcher asked me if I thought that someone was visiting my neighbors and just parked in front of my house and I explained to her that both neighbors on either side of me were out of town and the neighbors across the street were at work.  About 5-10 mins. later a Mansfield officer showed up, parked in front of the neighbors house to the west, and then he got out of his car and went to the door of the house next door.  He then walked over to the car, looked inside and I then went outside to talk to him about the car.  He asked me if I made the call and I told him yes.  He asked why?  I explained to him that the neighbors were not home, 3 people (2 blacks 1 male, 1 female and 1 white male) had previously rang my doorbell and knocked on my door, which I didn't open to them and they then left and went down the street to the west.  I also explained to him that I was just trying to be on the cautious side and wanted the car checked out.  I haven't seen those 3 people since they left my house.  He then told me that he ran the plates, the car belongs to a person in Louisiana, that it was not against the law for someone to park a car in the street, "What was the problem?"  I'm not very happy about the way this call was handled, no lack of concern or interest.  I just hope that someone's home is not broken into while this police officer thought that I was being over concerned (in my opinion).  In everything we've received from HNP, we've always been instructed to call in suspicious cars and the reception I got today gives me the impression that it's not a concern to this particular Mansfield cop."




April 2, 2010

We have had a report of a Hispanic male walking around Mansfield Bible Church and even taking a purse and placed it by the exit door. He was confronted and asked about mid week church services. The male departed the location in a white four door sedan. As soon as I can get a picture to you I will. Below you find a description of the suspect. It being Easter weekend lets keep an eye out for the suspect.



Hispanic male  5-1 in height (short and chubby)

He was wearing black pants and a red striped polo shirt. Looked clean cut, does wear his shirt tucked in and was wearing black dress shoes. He does wear a white or cream color fedora looking hat with a black or dark in color band around the hat.

Have a great weekend and be safe

Mansfield PD

Ofc. Howard


December 5, 2009

See Christy's (Logan Block Captain) e-mail below.  She is passing along specific info about the scam artist or "helpful solicitor" that has been knocking on doors in Arlington and Pantego.  The first message below from Julie McIntyre at very bottom of this e-mail was sent to everyone on Nov 22nd.  The important follow-on message from "Tom" is below and is very helpful.  Tom works for the Arlington PD, is a HNP resident, and has helped us in the past with crime issues.  Please take note of his message below and pass this along to your neighbors.  If this guy (Graham Collen Winters, white male, 30 years old, about 6'1" and 145lbs) is this close to us, it may only be a matter of time before he comes into our neighborhood.  The Mansfield PD has already been looking for him for a couple of complaints. 
From: Tom
Sent: Friday, November 27, 2009 4:55 AM
To: Harris, Christy
Subject: Re: FYI: HNP Info
Reference the description of the individual you mentioned involved with scamming people, he matches (and probably is) the description of a known offender in Arlington that does the same "scam".  He is also known by Pantego PD for the same offenses.  His name is Graham Collen Winters, w/m 5/4/79.  About 6'1" and 145lbs.  Also goes by the names of "Taylor Jennings" and "Taylor Gibson".  The vehicle he drives is a 2000 black Dodge Dakota Pickup, with tint covers over the tail lamps and after-market wheels.  It is also "lowered" somewhat.  He's been arrested multiple times by Arlington PD as well as Pantego.  His parents live at 5705 Stage Line Dr in Arlington, but they have issued him a criminal trespass warning... which means if he steps foot onto their property, he goes to jail.  He got caught up with drugs a few years back, and now the only way he is able to get money to support his drug habit and put gas in his truck, is by scamming people out of money.  He'll say that he's been locked out of his truck (parked just around the corner), he's a new neighbor (just around the corner) and has been locked out, his girlfriends vehicle ran out of gas/has mechanical problems and he needs money for a tow truck, etc, etc, etc....  Arlington PD has gotten the word out that if he attempts to "scam" or is successful in "scamming" people out of money, and offense report (theft) is to be generated... since his intent is to defraud.  It looks as if he's now attempting to "venture" his business into nearby cities (Pantego, Dalworthington Gardens, Mansfield, etc.) since Arlington PD is very familiar with him.
Again, the description of the individual and vehicle in your initial email matches very closely to Graham Winters.  And, there might be others out there that are following his lead.  Just remember, that during the holiday season, there are those people out there that are willing to take advantage of the "giving spirit" from the rest of us.  Be on alert!  If someone really needs help, if you offer to call 911 for police assistance or a tow truck, then they should be happy with that.  If they have other ideas, they will strongly turn down the offer. 
Please pass this information along to others.... if anyone comes across Graham Winters, or someone doing the same "scam", Call 911.  Get a good description of the suspect and their vehicle and pass it along to the 911 operator so the patrol officers can "contact" these individuals.

From: Julie McIntyre
Sent: Wednesday, November 18, 2009 8:07 PM
Hi everyone. Okay this is embarrassing, but it is very important to pass along to your neighbors and friends...
I just got off the phone with the Mansfield Police Department. Last night a kid came to my door and asked for my help. He claimed that he was locked out of his house and needed help. He gave me my neighbor's names and said his "mom" told him to see if someone close by could help. Not wanting to tell one of the neighbor's kids "no", I offered him the $20 he needed to finish paying for the locksmith waiting at his house.
I thought it sounded like a scam, but he got me to help by using my neighbors information. When he didn't return by today, I decided that I needed to report the incident in the hopes that no one else gets ripped off. The officer immediately transferred me to another department. It seems that I am not the first victim and they have been trying to catch this guy.
The best way that I know to reach numerous groups of Mansfield citizens is by contacting my fellow PTA members.
He drives a black truck with tinted windows.
He looks to be in his early 20's.
He is white, tall, lanky, has very short blondish/brown hair, has some gold fillings and wears two huge diamond earrings.
He is very nice and apologizes for bothering you.
He will probably give you a neighbor's name, and tell you he is locked out. He really pushes the "neighbor story".
He is usually short for an amount under $20. My amount was $17.36.
Tell him you do not have any cash on hand. Get his license plate and call the police with the information.
I know I am a sucker, and I knew there was a chance I would never see the money again. But I hate for anyone else to get scammed. He is very careful with his story and never actually says he is "borrowing" or "bringing the money back".
For those of you who do not know where I live, I do not live in a neighborhood. My driveway is long and dark. I have two police officers who live at the end of my driveway!!! This guy has guts.
Please pass this along to all your Mansfield and South Arlington friends and help the police catch this kid.
Thanks for your help.



April 17, 2009

Residents along Dobree witnessed a full-sized (2-door) white car doing "slow cycling" down Dobree-Hillary-Edgefield about mid-night last night.  This happened a couple of times.  There were three African-American young men in the car.  This car was acting suspiciously and we should be on the lookout for this car. 



February 24, 2009

Suspicious Vehicle driving down Meera Lane. I was taking a bike ride with my kids on Tuesday - Feb.24,2009 at 6:30PM. Noticed a blue 4 door dodge car - low rider with silver expensive tire rims with dark tinted windows .



December 10, 2008

Walnut Hills Addition:   "This suspicious car is a 2002 red convertible mustang, tan top with license number R04MXV.  It cruised past our house and then 20 minutes later it did it again.  My neighbor saw him and followed him out of the neighborhood and got his tag.  He waved a bat or a gun at my neighbor but he was not sure which one.  My neighbor came over and gave me the tag.  I ran it and then cross referenced that with both names on the tags and his drivers license and then was able to find his criminal record.  It came back with a Joseph Anthony Vallejo, who has been convicted of auto theft already on multiple counts.  The police were called and informed, but wanted to pass this along.  He is obviously casing cars or houses.  We all need to keep an eye (out for each other) .. pass the word along. This was a large guy, do not confront him.  Police have been made aware and you need to call the police if you see him. They are looking for him now."


(see the following image for an example color and body style)





October 29, 2008

Today when we were out for our (10am) morning walk there was a navy blue Toyota Camry circling the neighborhood.  He went down Field then came back up.  Then on our way up Welch he was coming down.  Driving as if he's just cruising.  When he turned on Ragland we tried to get his plates and he sped off.  I hurried home got in my car to go around the neighborhood.  I ran into him cruising down Hodges.  I got his plates as he sped off!  0 2 8 P M N  (10:55).  I called 911 and told him that this guy was checking out our neighborhood and that I lost him going south on Hodges.  They said they would send someone out to look around.  He obviously was up to something.  Anyone who belongs in the neighborhood would not have sped off twice don't you think?
Eva Castillo
Elliott Ave. BC



October 23-26, 2008

Hi Greg,
My neighbor (across the street) came home and found a car was parked in front of her house and just looking around and it scared her because her parents were not home yet.  She wrote the plate number down and when the guy saw her he drove off. She followed him a bit and he was driving fast up and down our streets so she came back home and came over here until her mom got home.
The plate number is 274-SPV and she thinks it was a volkswagon car. She didn't get a good description. It may be nothing but I wanted to pass it along.
Mysti (Richmond Circle Block Captain)
Additional Note (Greg):  We ran the plates and it belongs to a Daewoo Leganza (mid-sized 2-door passenger car) and the owner is out of town.  This will be passed along to the Mansfield Police. 
 LIC 274SPV JAN/2009 OLD # G67RLH OCT/2007 EWT  2700 GWT   2700
TITLE 05749239412083004 ISSUED 12/10/2007 ODOMETER 113744 REG DT 11/28/2007
YR:2000 MAK:DAEW MODL:    BDY STYL:2H VEH CLS:PASS       SALE PRC:    $1240.00
VIN: KLATA2261YB476725                        BODY VIN:                      


From: Eva Castillo
Sent: Thursday, October 23, 2008 6:01 PM
Subject: Suspicious person

Hi Greg,
Our Macan Ct resident saw a grown man crouching in the bushes on the median of Country Club today.  It was around 2:30pm.  He was hiding in the bushes when a red sports car drove by slowing down only enough for him to jump in.  She got the plates as they went down CC towards Martha Reid.  She called the police and gave them the information.  They said there had been no calls from our neighbor hood.  I then ran into and spoke with the officer patrolling our neighborhood just in case.  So hopefully that was just something weird.  
Eva, Elliott Avenue Block Captain
Note:  The following plate number did not match the car description on the above observation.  So, the following plate number should be considered a partial --- (H T V 1 3 4) 



October 14-17, 2008

Fellow HNP Block Captains (others blind copied);
We have two more suspicious vehicle observations --- check out the following two e-mail messages.  Pay close attention to the e-mail today involving a white van and a guy putting on door fliers!  That kind of observation could be a very important one and "MC" did a great job in reporting it to the police.
The other suspicious vehicle observations that we received this week are shown below for reference.  It has been a busy week --- but, it is very good that folks are looking and reporting what they see!
Greg Ajemian
Heritage Neighborhood Partnership
Just wanted to let you know that when I got home from the store today (Oct 17th) at about 1130 there was a guy putting flyers on everyone's door BUT I caught him looking in the windows of 2 houses before he saw me and then a beat up white cargo van came and talked and the guy did a lot of pointing at houses then the van left. Chris called the police and asked if they had to have a permit and told them he just wanted to report it because of all the break-ins. Needless to say they were not real concerned...and asked did I think I needed to talk to a police officer. I know they probably get sick of all the phone calls but as you know we are all sick of the breakins and I would rather make wasted phone calls than not....
mc  (Richmond Circle Block Captain)
Hey Greg,
FYI:  Thursday at 8:50am as I was driving N on Matlock past Mann I saw a small, dark vehicle pulled over by 2 squad cars; officers searching vehicle.  They were facing east on Mann beside the dry cleaners pick-up window, with trunk (facing me) & doors open. 
I got a good enough look to notice a 'packed' trunk with a red box on top (looked like a tool box).  This may not be anything, but you may want to check out the situation with your sources.
Rob M (Dobree resident)

Fellow HNP Block Captains (others blind copied);

We just received another suspicious vehicle description as shown directly below ---- occurred along Dobree & Dobree Court.  As a reminder to all ---- go ahead and use the 911 to report suspicious vehicles.  (Officer Curtis Phillip has instructed us to use 911 for such reports.)  The operator will take down the info and send it to the right source with the police.  You never know how important such info is with respect to another related incident that may have recently occurred elsewhere.  It is also good to share this info with our HNP Block Captains so we can get this info shared with our residents.
Following this latest suspicious vehicle report are the previous ones that we have collected this week ---- for reference.
Greg Ajemian
Heritage Neighborhood Partnership
Date: Thursday, October 16, 2008, 10:44 AM

I observed a suspicious vehicle on Monday around noon driving on Dobree and Dobree Ct. It was a blue, 4 door, Honda Accord, mid 90's model(?). It was occupied by two African Amercian males and it was driving slowly on Dobree Ct. I passed it as I was leaving on Monday afternoon. When I pulled around the corner and stopped, they saw this and immediately left Dobree Ct. and sped away.  I called Mansfield PD (not 911) and have not had success getting through. I wanted to report it to thr neighborhood patrol officer.
Please advise me of the contact info for him/her.
Jason Swaner (Dobree Court resident)

A Macan Ct. resident noticed at 10:45am this morning (Oct 15th) three black males in a white compact car driving very slowly on the wrong side of the road (Hodges).  She did a u-turn to get the plates and they sped away quickly.  She was unable to catch up with them and lost them in the neighborhood.  She called it in to dispatch.
Eva (Elliott HNP Block Captain)
Hi Greg,

    When we were patroling between 12:45 and 1;45 Tues (Oct 14th). There was a Red
car in the church parking lot. I only got a partial Lic. number, when we
came around the church to get more, the car was gone. The man inside was
older and had silvery hair.
   On the patrol sheets we listed the partial number of the Lic. plate.

N. Woodward (Nugent HNP Block Captain)
Morning Greg

Just wanted to let you in on a strange vehicle in the area today (Oct 14th) around 7:45am.  It was on Logan and Mann street with all four doors opened, 3 white males, one of which was in his 70s and two african american males.  The strange thing is they all had cloths with objects wrapped in them and were moving things to the trunk of the car.  After dropping my daughter off at school I noted it driving east on country club and they turned left (not sure of the street).  The car is 4 door bright red pontiac, not well kept.  I will keep a look out here in Heather Estates.


Brenda (Heather Estates crimewatch)


September 11, 2008

The following vehicle has been identified as possibly being involved in recent residential burglaries.
Brown or black Honda Civic with accident damage to the right front fender and a “doughnut” spare tire on the right front side. Please call 911 and report if observed. This should be done immediately due to the time sensitive nature of the information.
Officer C. K. Phillip
Community Resource Officer
1601 Heritag Pkwy.
mansfield, TX 76063


September 10, 2008

From: ECastillo
Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2008 2:37 PM
Subject: Yesterday's Break-ins


I'm not sure if this has anything to do with yesterdays break-ins but I thought I would mention it to you. I'm a stay at home mom and usually notice who comes down our street during the day time. Yesterday I noticed a white male with dark brown hair in his late thirties wearing a white muscle shirt and dark shorts walking up our street not one of the usual walkers or joggers I see during the day. It was about 10:30 in the morning.

Then at about 2:20pm there was a black (older Chevy model)pickup driving down Elliott as I was backing out of our driveway. It annoyed me because they were driving slowly being nosy as my garage door was going down. So I waited until they passed and got behind them. They had a lot of stuff in the truck covered with a tan tarp of some kind. I remember there was a little girls bike hanging out the back. I don't know if this has anything to do with the other but it just seemed kind of weird.

Now that I've seen your emails I know why the police kept coming up our street so often yesterday.



August 19, 2008

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2008 10:09 PM
Subject: Re: Crime Watch --- Truck wheels stolen on Richmond Circle
There were two cars racing through our streets - Old (style) (light-tan) Oldsmobiles (big trunks) about 4 am. I just knew they were up to no good - had Jeff get up & we went outside, but they had raced off.

Kati (Savannah resident)


The above observation is likely connected with the crime incident below, which occurred sometime between 3am and 6am.  We need to keep an eye out for these two vehicles and get a plate number.  Apparently, the two cars look very similar to each other.



Sent on Aug 19th at 9am:

Hi Greg,


Just thought I'd let you know that we have become the latest victim. Last night someone put Chris' work truck on bricks and took all 4 tires & wheels. The took paverstones from our neighbor across the street and 2 doors down! They were planning on taking the ones off Chris' personal truck too as they had bricks thrown on the ground beside it but it has double locks on it and they couldn't get them off.


mc (2300 block of Richmond Circle


June 26, 2008

Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 2:26 PM
Subject: Re: suspicious biker
The kid on the bike lives in the windcastle subdivision. We see him almost daily if it is the same kid.   (from resident on Richmond Circle)
There was a black male, approx 17-18 on a silver bicycle wearing a white back pack casing the area between Hillary and Louis Ct.  He came up in Cul-da-Sac at approx 12:20 today and was riding slow looking into cars and looking at homes from the street.  MPD was called to report this suspicious activity.  (received from Hillary Trail resident)


June 25, 2008

Fellow HNP Block Captains (others blind copied);
Check out the following message received from our Nugent Drive Block Captain.  Woodie has a right to be suspicious.  He did the right thing by asking to see the city permit for soliciting.  And then, he didn't offer any info ---- like his status with his alarm system.  Others should take note on how he handled this!
Greg Ajemian
Heritage Neighborhood Partnership
A Guy was just at my door, supposedly sent by a neighbor. Knew we were
block captains and knew the area had been having problems. Presented a
Honeywell badge and didn't have a Mansfield Solicitors permit.Wanted
a few good homes to give free equipment w/ of course mandatory
monitoring.  I told him I was perfectly happy with the service that I
have and didn't need any additional services.

Read and be careful - Woodie



April 29, 2008

Fellow HNP Block Captains (others blind copied):
We now have two reports about a suspicious vehicle, identified as a red Nissan Pick-up with a toolbox in the back.  Read the following two reports.  We need to keep an eye out for this vehicle.  Anyone seeing it parked --- get a license tag number.  This e-mail is being sent to our HNP patrollers for their information.
Resident at 2200 block of Chrisman:  "This happened before we had the neighborhood watch implemented (before January 2008), but I did file a police report.  Just after dark, I walked out into my garage just as a man was coming into my garage.  As soon as he saw me he turned around and walked back to his pickup which was parked at the end of my driveway, and began inspecting his tires.  He had a toboggan pulled down on his head and was wearing a jacket.  He had dark skin.  The red pickup I saw was a small pickup w/a toolbox in the back."
Block Captain Sherri Noble made the following observation on April 15, 2008:  "Approx 8:30 AM this morning there was a suspicious vehicle on the top of the hill on Hillary going toward Edgefield.  Red Nissan Pick Up.  Unable to get tag number.  Vehicle was sitting there for over 30 minutes with driver in the car.  Police were notified to check it out."
Greg Ajemian
Heritage Neighborhood Partnershp




April 14, 2008

Fellow HNP Block Captains (others blind copied);
Regarding our bogus MYBA soliciter, the following is from a street resident on Hillary Trail --- "PD ID'd the guy in front of our house, then told him to leave the neighborhood and not come back."  
In addition to this, I received information from an Arlington neighborhood (just to our east) contact that gave me the boy's address.  If we have any further problems with him, then we will know exactly where to send the Police.  His description is as follows;  5' 10" or 5' 11" tall, stocky, lazy eye, white, reddish hair, freckles, lazy eye, tattoes on both arms, could have been 19 or 20 years old, behavior was aggressive.  Just report any further such incidents to your block captain or  I'm blind copying this message to the MYBA for their information.
Greg Ajemian
Heritage Neighborhood Partnership
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, April 11, 2008 8:17 PM
Subject: HNP: Crime watch - Patrol Logs and Potential bogus soliciter of books/magazines!

Fellow HNP Block Captains (others blind copied);
Check out the following e-mail from Sherri ---- plus an e-mail that has been making its rounds from a MYBA representative.
If anyone ever has doubts about a door-to-door soliciter, ask them for their permit ($10 permit required from the Police).  If they can't produce one, then they are not legal.  The permit has all kinds of personal info about the soliciter.
Also ---- check out the attached file for the HNP Citizen Patrol logs for March 19th thru April 6th.
Greg Ajemian
Heritage Neighborhood Partnership
We had someone like this yesterday at our door but they said they were selling for one of the Soccer teams at the High School.  He was much older than high school and was full of tatoos.  He got mad when I wouldn't buy anything.  After he left I called the police and they came by and spoke to him at a neighbors a few doors down.  Don't know what the outcome was but I reported it as a suspicious person.
Sherri (Hillary Trail resident)
Good morning Coaches and Parents,
We wanted to make you aware that we've heard about a group out in the Mansfield/Arlington area trying to sell Books/Magazines and are representing themselves as players with MYBA conducting a fundraiser for MYBA.
This is apparently a group trying to capitalize on our organization's name. This is NOT an MYBA authorized fundraiser, nor do I anticipate this group sending us a check!
Please let your friends, family, and neighbors in the area know that this group is out there, and to just turn them away (feel free to forward this email on). If anyone happens to catch a plate number of their vehicle(s), please forward that on to me.
Thanks, have a great day.




February 15, 2008


General statement about suspicious vehicle below:  those that work repossession of vehicles due to defaulting on loans often exhibit the following behavior.




Hi Kim,


     We had an incident on Wellington Drive on Friday the 15th that I think everyone should be aware of.  Around 7:00am, a car pulled up in front of 2005 Wellington Dr and stayed there with the occupant in the driver seat.  When the owner of the house was leaving for work and noticed the vehicle, he checked to make sure it was no one the family knew.  Once he established this was a stranger, he approached the car.  She stated she was listening to her voice mail messages and looking at the fountain.  He said it was making his family uncomfortable and asked her if she would please just circle around the neighborhood or park across from the fountain where she would not be directly in front of anyone's home.  She stated she had every legal right to be there and then he went inside and phoned the police.


     When the police arrived (within 3 minutes) they talked with the driver and then with the home owner.  The police stated that she does this every day and that they are called out to deal with her often.  She chooses affluent neighborhoods to park in and waits for the police to be called on her.  There is nothing they can do, for she is not breaking any laws, just a nuisance to the police department. 


     She is driving a white Jeep Cherokee with the license plate 774 KKH.   There is no way to know who this woman is, if she is up to no good or just a strange person with bizarre behavior.  I for one do not want to take a chance on any home in our neighborhood falling victim to this woman in whatever she wants.  If you see her parked in front of your home, please contact the police.  The police are trying to track her patterns to correlate to break in's or vandalism.  Just so you all know, she was in front of the house for 5 hours.


Kristine Steely (resident on Wellington Dr.)



February 15, 2008

Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 12:26 PM
There was a black male, approx 17-18 on a silver bicycle wearing a white back pack casing the area between Hillary and Louis Ct.  He came up in Cul-da-Sac at approx 12:20 today and was riding slow looking into cars and looking at homes from the street.  MPD was called to report this suspicious activity. 



February 15, 2008

10:40pm at church --- White Chev. Camero 1988ish Circled around the church and exited when patrol vehicle entered church property.  Exited Country Club and headed toward Matlock



February 7, 2008

9:50pm  ---   near 2112 Nugent  Dark Green Ford Taurus  924 DMR older model  99-02 2 males 1) red ballcap 2) long straight black hair, both tall 6’-6’2.  Subjects sat in car 15-20 minutes alone; were out of car on patrollers 3rd pass walking between parked cars; then drove away in different vehicle.


LIC 924DMR JUL/2008 OLD # 924DMR JUL/2007 EWT  3800 GWT   3800
TITLE 22026039419123409 ISSUED 12/14/2007 ODOMETER 97622 REG DT 12/05/2007
VIN: 1FAFP53S1WG204733                        BODY VIN:                      



12:40 am – 2313 area of Nugent Drive --- Silver 4 Door TX 363 SND

3-4 white males in vehicle, when I drove past, occupants flipped me off.  I continued on, and turned around to get license plate and car information to note in log.  When I approached vehicle again, car sped off.  I called MPD to report activity.

I followed car on the following route (in order to give info to MPD Dispatch):

West on Nugent to Logan.  South on Logan to Country Club.  West on Country Club to Matlock.  North on Matlock to Man.  East on Man to Nugent, and west on Nugent until car stopped in same area.   When vehicle stopped, two white males exited vehicle and started to approach me.  I began backing up, and individuals continued to approach.  MPD dispatch told officers in route to “step it up”.  They continued to approach, so I accelerated forward to the other end of Nugent, at which time the silver car (it was foreign or something, not sure of what type) took off with just the driver.  I turned around and waited for MPD.  At this time, I lost track of individuals on foot.  First officer got a report and 3-4 other offices responded to search area.  One officer stopped and had me explain what happened again, he believed the individuals were at a house on Nugent (2110 possibly).  He said he “knew these people”.  2 officers approached the residence, and were looking in the windows and around the yard.  After quite awhile, and a few more officers (one unmarked car that contained 2 officers, who didn’t really look like cops) entered the residence.  From my perspective, it appeared that they were searching one of the rooms in the front of the house.  Officers were looking around yards in the area with their flashlights.   At 1:20 AM, at least one individual was placed in a police officer’s car in handcuffs.  At 1:25 AM – MPD left scene (there were a total of 4 or 5 police cars on scene).  One officer stopped and told me that they “got them all” and that “they lived there” and had “other issues”.   Response from the Police:  " I looked into it and there were no arrests made, a couple of citations were issued."


LIC 363SND AUG/2008 OLD # 363SND AUG/2007 EWT  3600 GWT   3600
TITLE 05753339467120916 ISSUED 01/31/2008 ODOMETER N/A REG DT 01/22/2008
YR:1997 MAK:INFI MODL:J30 BDY STYL:4D VEH CLS:PASS       SALE PRC:    $4795.00
VIN: JNKAY21D8VM500917                        BODY VIN:                      



February 6, 2008

9:15 & 9:34pm – grey/silver 4door car TX V75 FJS  Female sitting in car parked on road with headlights on.  Dobree near Hillary


LIC V75FJS MAR/2004 OLD # -NONE- N/A EWT  3900 GWT   3900
TITLE 29731038053160419 ISSUED 03/09/2004 ODOMETER 12 REG DT 04/29/2003
VIN: 5N1ED28T93C636001                        BODY VIN:                      
PLATE AGE:  4  LAST ACTIVITY 03/09/2004 COA    OFC: 297



February 5, 2008

7:40pm --- Tan Lincoln Naviator TX 192 DFY

Dark haired woman driving very slow thru neighborhood.  Along L.E.T. stopped for about 2 min.


LIC 192DFY MAR/2008 OLD # 192DFY MAR/2007 EWT  4800 GWT   4800 TONS 1/2  
TITLE 22031138761143343 ISSUED 02/27/2006 ODOMETER 6592 REG DT 04/13/2007
VIN: 5LMEU68H55ZJ16569                        BODY VIN:                      
LIEN      02/07/2006,JPMORGAN CHASE BANK N A,,P O BOX 11606,,LEXINGTON,KY,40576



January 29, 2008

11:45pm – Nugent.    Yellow Cobalt  TX 097 KKR  sports package.

"Traveling very slow thru neighborhood (would not pass patroller). Sped off after seeing me."


LIC 097KKR FEB/2009 OLD # 097KKR FEB/2008 EWT  2900 GWT   2900
TITLE 22031738812115358 ISSUED 04/17/2006 ODOMETER 25 REG DT 01/31/2008
VIN: 1G1AM15B067752962                        BODY VIN:                      
LIEN      03/15/2006,JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, N A,,PO BOX 29214,,PHOENIX,AZ,85038



January 25, 2008

11:28pm-12:45am ---  Black Honda  License Plate CT9 879

"Parked on street near 2609 Morgan Ann for extended period.  Some passes could see 3-4 people-other passes only driver was in vehicle."


LIC CT9879 NOV/1993 OLD # -NONE- N/A EWT  2500 GWT   3000 TONS 1/4  
TRUCK PLT, STKR            REG CLASS  35    $ 0.00 NUECES CNTY
TITLE 00000000037325709 ISSUED 12/29/1992 ODOMETER N/A REG DT 00/00/0000
YR:1977 MAK:AM G MODL:    BDY STYL:VN VEH CLS:TRK<=1     SALE PRC:       $0.00
VIN: DJ5F7107557                              BODY VIN:                      



August 29, 2007

"Just observed a suspicious vehicle on Edgefield scoping out houses.  I reported it to Mansfield PD.  White Ford ClubWagon with Illinois Tags.  License 1183354


August 28, 2007

" . . . at (6:15pm) we spotted 2 Hispanic males in a red Ford pickup messing with a few mailboxes on Edgefield.  Another resident on Laura Elizabeth noted on September 1st that this red truck was sticking business cards in mailboxes to solicit for brick work.  A resident on Richmond Court made the following comment: "I still regard the red truck as suspicious because businesses are not supposed to put their business cards on mail boxes or in mail boxes. The mail box is only for mail that has been paid for and sent through the U.S. Postal Service. This business could get in trouble with postal inspectors for putting the cards on or in the mail boxes. Most businesses that practice that are very new and don't know they are violating anything. I would be suspicious still because it could be a front."


August 15, 2007


Black Suzuki Jeep  .  .  .  There was one Hispanic male, one white male (green eyes) and one black male --- all wearing black hats and black clothing.  They were caught in probable attempt to steal from an open garage.


August 13, 2007

" . . . saw a suspicious car parked on Hillary, south of Country Club just before Elliott. There were two men/young adults in a dark colored Toyota car (possibly Corolla) just sitting in the car. Texas plate# 551 HVL.


DMV report on plate #551 HVL shows car to be registered to a Robert J Bellrose Sr,
whose address is in San Antonio. The car that it is supposed to be on is a 2006 Hyundai Azure, and the lien is with The Security Service FCU.


June 6-15, 2007


4-door white Ford Crown Victoria with dark tinted windows (plate --- D60LBN) and a For Sale sign on the back window behind the driver (an Aftrican-American male).

License number:007723840
DOB:Apr 27 1981
Owner Address:926 E WALNUT ST
Owner City/State/ZIP Code:HILLSBORO ,TX 76645

Texas Criminal Results:None Found

Vehicle Make:FORD
Vehicle Model Year:1999
Vehicle Body Type:4D
Current Plate:D60LBN