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(last updated January 18, 2010)




Smoke alarms reaching their expiration time for HNP


Fellow HNP Block Captains (others blind copied);

I received an interesting e-mail from a street neighbor, Brian Ehrler, regarding smoke alarms.  I wasn't aware of this, but he states that besides the 9v batteries that most of us replace about once a year, the ion component of the smoke alarm (the thing that detects smoke) has about a ten year life.  See his e-mail below about how his went out, and what he did to replace them.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency offers information on the safe disposal of smoke alarms at A lot of our homes are around that age, so this is an issue to be aware of.  Brian also put together a nice youtube link to describe this issue.  Take a look at his following link and you'll see how he puts his kids to work!


Greg Ajemian
Heritage Neighborhood Partnership (HNP)
website: ;  message board at this website as well





Residential properties within the HNP do not have mineral rights.  Click here for info regarding our situation with respect to others that have their mineral rights and are receiving royalties and bonuses



Homes within our HNP have been found to be susceptible to gas line, and Freon line damage from roofer nails!  Click here for very important info on this issue!

(updated August 11, 2008)