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Home Invasions


Fortunately, very few home invasions occur within the Heritage Neighborhood Partnership that covers about 1,000 homes.  We probably average about four home break-ins a year.  This is a low rate, when compared to overall city crime stats for Mansfield.  See below for the list of home break-ins experienced during 2007 to present.


Generally, home invasion happens during daylight hours when there is much less chance of confrontation for the burglars.

A recent (Sep 10, 2007) Dallas Morning News article discusses the nature of home burglaries ---- click here for reading.


Click here for information about "lock bumping", that is a fast growing method for home invasion.


October 24, 2012

During the day, a house break-in occurred at 2502 Elliott.  Entry was thru the front door and was not forced.  A TV and satilite receiver as taken --- fortunately, only minor losses.


May 17, 2012

We had a house break-in at 2303 Hodges Place late on May 17th.  Forced entry was through a side window.  The losses were fairly minor and suggest that this wasn't a professional job.  One thing of note --- a green plastic handle with black metal pry tool was left behind by the suspect.


March 23, 2012

We had a house break-in on March 23rd along the 2600-block of Elliott Ave.  It was a forcible rear-door entry --- door pried open at dead-bolt.  Mostly guns and jewelry were lost. 


January 10, 2012

We had a house break-in at 2520 Elliott on January 10th.  Entry was through a rear window.  The property losses did not include window damage, so the window may have been unlocked.  Losses are typical; electronics, jewerly, cash. 


November 7, 2011

The residence at 2423 Hillary Trail experienced a forced entry through the front door on November 7th between 6pm and 10pm.  Only jewelry was stolen.  Seems to suggest that this was not a sophisticated crime, given that no electronics or other valuables were taken.


July 18, 2011

A police report was filed for a home theft (about $3,000 in electronics) at 2209 Savannah Drive on July 18th.  Apparently this incident was not a forced entry.


March 10, 2011

Mid-morning on Thursday, the house at 2205 Chrisman experienced a forced entry through the front door.  The stolen items included electronics, jewerly, and guns.  Thus far, no one saw an unfamiliar vehicle at the residence that morning. 


February 22-24, 2011

Two house break-ins; one on Hillary and the second on Page.


December 10, 2010

Eva Castillo (Block Captain for Elliott) had reported a house break-in on Welch around noonish on December 10th.  The police report for 2107 Welch showed that considerable electronics and jewelry were stolen and entry was thru the rear door.  Eva stated that one of the neighbors on the corner of Page Place had an old Lexus they'd never seen before parked in front of their house around 11:30am about the time of the house break-in.


July 6, 2010

Today (July 6th) at about 10am, the front door of a house at 1920 Perry Drive was forced in and a large TV was stolen.  This incident seems identical to what happened on June 24th at 1999 Ragland.  Thanks to Manijeh for reporting this.  Hopefully, someone receiving this message may have noticed a vehicle parked in front of this house at about 10am this morning and will report it to a Block Captain or Police.


June 28, 2010

1999 Ragland --- a house has its front door forced open on June 24th and the resident lost a TV.


June 28, 2010

2301 Hillary Trail (south of Country Club) --- house burglary took place on June 28th during early morning hours.  Entry was through an unlocked side window.  Back on April 27th, a house at 2304 Hillary (just across the street) had an attempted house entry as someone started cutting a screen on a window.  Wonder if these two instances involve local kids that live nearby.


April 27, 2010

Below is a Mansfield Police Crime Alert that should be distributed to our HNP residents.  The second of two attempted house invasions is located at 2304 Hillary Trail (just south of Country Club).  Anyone noticing a suspicous vehicle at about 10:00 to 10:30am on April 27th (Tuesday) along Hillary Trail should let us know.  The Police are actively looking into both incidents.  Special thanks to Lyndia (Hillary Trail neighbor) for sharing information about the Hillary Trail incident!


On 04/27/10 at around 1400 hours Officer were dispatched 2300 block of Hillary Trail in reference to a burglary in progress. Victim who was home at the time was alerted to someone banging on the door. The victim looked out the window and observed four subjects dressed in black and their faces were covered. Victim called her husband who summoned police to the residence. Suspect cut a screen but did not make entry. Suspects left the location unknown direction. The Police Department is actively investigating both incidents and is taking both incidents very seriously.


Yesterday I was made aware, of an attempted home invasion by four guys dressed in all black. My neighbor who lives on the corner of Hillary & Country Club said the incident had taken place around 2:30 in the afternoon.  Her daughter was at home alone and before they entered the home they saw her and ran away. Those involved had been banging on the garage door as well as windows and doors of the home. I have spoken to as many neighbors as I have seen in the past 24 hours. I found out about the neighborhood newsletter that is distributed to community members via email today. I'm not sure who my block captain is but I think this information is very important and should be distributed so that all that need to know are aware. I have been a resident for the past 3 years, and would like to stay informed of the things happening in my community. Please add me to your list or forward the information to my block captain so that I can receive your newsletter.





April 22, 2010

Received another attempted house invasion that occurred on April 22nd about 4:45pm at 2511 Elliott Avenue.  See Susan's message below concerning this incident.  We don't know if the 2304 Hillary incident is connected with this one along Elliott Avenue.  But, it is important that folks keep their antennas up on this.  The people that break into homes usually do their deeds during the day when it is less likely that someone will be home.  They will bang on doors, windows, and garage doors to see if there's a response ---- lights going on in the house, alarm, residents, dogs.  They don't like any of these.  A house that is not occupied may have to totally rely on us neighbors to recognize suspicious behavior as above and report immediately.
Please pass this along to our residents.  Thanks to Susan for sharing!
Greg Ajemian
Heritage Neighborhood Partnership
website --   also includes message board

From: Susan Hall <>
Subject: Re: HNP: Mansfield Police Alert --- two attempted house invasions / lost dog sighting
To: "Jadzia-Greg Ajemian" <>
Date: Saturday, May 1, 2010, 12:00 AM
We had a freakishly similar incident happen at our home on Thursday, April 22 around 4:45 pm; BUT I didn't notify the police.  I wasn't home; only my son (15 yrs) and a friend of his (same age) were there.
Both were in my son's room playing video games when I called to say I was on my way home from work around 4:40 PM on Thursday 4/22/10.  Our driveway had no cars in it but the boys had turned on all the lights in the front rooms of the house.  My son's friend went to the front of the house to turn off some lights and as he came to the front hallway leading to the front door he said someone banged forcefully on the door and was looking in the window on the door.  My son's friend ran up to the window and the man took off running towards the right (heading west on Elliott towards Nichols).
As I was pulling into the driveway my son called me telling me this story.  I saw no one on the street but had seen 2 people on Ragland: a tall black man (taller than 5'11" - this man was over 6') wearing basketball pants (silver) and matching basketball jersey type shirt (no sleeves) walking west on Ragland, talking on a cell phone and a neighbor of mine who lives on Nichols walking her dog as she was just rounding the corner from Nichols onto Ragland.  I took notice of these people because it was just not a good day to be out walking.  It was a cloudy, overcast, drizzly day.  No other neighbors were out on Elliott for me to ask questions of. 
I  blew off the boys, thinking that maybe a friend was trying to scare them or something else since it was afternoon (plus I had a meeting to get to by six and was running late- yikes-I'm regretting that now!)  My son witnessed none of this; he was too involved with his video game but his friend was certain that someone had tried to get into the house (and that he saw a large black man).
After receiving this email from you now, though, I'm alarmed.
So, I'm telling you all this to ask you if you think I should call the police and let them know about this?
Thanks for your time-
Susan Hall
2511 Elliott Ave


December 3, 2008

Field Lane (2300 Block) --- a $1,500 projection TV was stolen.


October 14, 2008

Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 05:11:53 -0700
Subject: HNP: Crime Watch --- Theft on 2214 Hodges Place!!!!

Good morning!  I wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that our home was robbed yesterday (Oct 14th).  We live at 2214 Hodges Place.  I am not sure exactly how they got in.  They may got in through the back door (may have been unlocked), but at any rate they did not break anything to get in.  I work from home normally, but was gone yesterday from 9:30am until 2:50pm.  So, they may have been casing the area for opportunities.  They took electronic items and had their nasty hands in all of our drawers!  They took our 50' Television that had to be difficult to handle, so if anyone saw a car in our driveway other than a silver Infiniti or Maroon Dodge 4-door truck, it was probably the thief!  If anyone saw anything at our home between the times mentioned above, any help would be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you!
Pam and Jeff Hudson


September 30, 2008

Fellow HNP Block Captains (others blind copied);
Check out the following three e-mail messages concerning an arrest of two individuals that had broken into a Grimsley Terrace home late this morning.  Thanks to several HNP Block Captains reporting, we have a pretty good assessment on what happened as depicted below.  Special thanks to Bil Nelms for his update at the bottom of this e-mail message. 
We have a lady that called this one in that is our hero!!  Hopefully, we will find out who she is ---- she deserves our full HNP appreciation!!  This message should be passed along to everyone.
Greg Ajemian
Heritage Neighborhood Partnership
To: Harris, Christy (Logan Block Captain)
Subject: Re: Crime Watch Happenings / Patrol Logs

FYI Mansfield PD has just arrested two black males that kicked in a front door to a home on Grimsley and were in the process of robbing the home.  A lady walking through the neighborhood saw a suspicious vehicle circling the block several times then noticed it parked at a home on Grimsley so she called PD. 
I am not sure what it was but there was a bunch of excitement going on at Country Club and Grimsley today around 10:30am. I was on my way back from the school and there was at least 5 police cars & fire truck parked on Grimsley and 2 police cars at country club and Morgan Ann and a few police officers walking up and down Country Club. Not sure what happened but thought you might want to check into it. Maybe they finally caught someone breaking in to a house.
Mysti (Richmond Circle Block Captain)

House invasion: Today mid morning @ 2310 Grimsley Terrace. Two black males forced entry by breaking glass door then entry was easy. One male remained outside by stolen car as a look out. The other entered the house trashed master bed room.  A neighbor driving by noted a strange car with unknown occupant and alertly called it in. The police captured the lookout and found the other attempting to exit through an up stairs window. He had some money and electronics on his person. No one was home. The police were unable to determine if this is the same MO as in other home envasions.  Bill Nelms (Grimsley Block Captain)




Fellow HNP Block Captains (others blind copied);

Regarding the house burglary and arrest that took place on Grimsley Terrace, check out the following from a resident on Laura Elizabeth for a further update.  Also, I received a call from the Mansfield Police --- Patrol Commander yesterday.  The as stated below, the "crew" that was arrested on Sep 30th was from the southwest Arlington vicinity.  A second crew (home kick-ins) was also arrested about an hour later by Mansfield Police and they were from Grand Prairie.  He stated that a third crew could be a week from being arrested.  So ---- this is all good news!  He also stated that the "Grimsley Terrace" crew has an associate that drives a blue Honda 2-door (could be a Civic) and that one of its tires is a donut spare.  Anyone seeing this car should call dispatch at 817-473-0211 --- not 911.
Thanks for distributing this e-mail.
Greg Ajemian
Heritage Neighborhood Partnership
From Laura Elizabeth resident:  The one who called it in was walking to a playdate when she said that she saw a suspicious car (with 2 black males inside) that was driving slowly through the neighborhood (car ended up being stolen) then turned onto Country Club.  They returned on to Grimsley and stopped at the end of the street, got out of their car, and were talking and pointing at houses.  The witness called the police and they told her to go home (the next street over) and lock her doors.  They evidently parked 2 houses down and only one went into the house by knocking the glass off the front door and unlocked the house.  Police were there very quickly and while arresting the man in the car went into the house without being heard by the robber and caught the other guy still inside.  He tried to escape out their son's upstairs bedroom window, but was pulled back in where he struggled with the police.  The robbers were 17 and 21 years of age.  I was there today when the officer came back and he said that this is a group from Southwest Arlington.  Guns were found in their car. 


September 16, 2008

From: Bitsy Bruton
Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2008 6:03 PM
To: Ronnie Pike
    Just letting you know that 2312 LET was broken into today. They entered the house by kicking in the back door. They only took a TV that was in the homeowner's office and had their big TV on the floor in the family room. Other than knocking some pictures off the entertainment center, nothing else was touched. It happened sometime between 10am and 3pm. The police officer was telling the home owners that they will hit 3 houses in a neighborhood the same day and that they are hitting several neighborhoods in the area. The officer seems to think they are looking for TV's and gaming systems. He also told them that are believed to ring the front doorbell and when no one answers, they go around back and bang on the back door before kicking it in.


September 9, 2008

Sent on Sep 9th:


I arrived home today around 5:30 pm to find out that two houses on my street had been broken into.  I live in the 2500 block of Elliott.  It was 2 houses next door to each other that back up to Ragland but apparently entry was made through breaking in the front doors.  My husband got this information from other neighbors.  I don't have any more information at this point.
Susan Hall
From: ECastillo
Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2008 2:37 PM
Subject: Yesterday's Break-ins

I'm not sure if this has anything to do with yesterdays break-ins but I thought I would mention it to you. I'm a stay at home mom and usually notice who comes down our street during the day time. Yesterday I noticed a white male with dark brown hair in his late thirties wearing a white muscle shirt and dark shorts walking up our street not one of the usual walkers or joggers I see during the day. It was about 10:30 in the morning.

Then at about 2:20pm there was a black (older Chevy model) pickup driving down Elliott as I was backing out of our driveway. It annoyed me because they were driving slowly being nosy as my garage door was going down. So I waited until they passed and got behind them. They had a lot of stuff in the truck covered with a tan tarp of some kind. I remember there was a little girls bike hanging out the back. I don't know if this has anything to do with the other but it just seemed kind of weird.

Now that I've seen your emails I know why the police kept coming up our street so often yesterday.



August 27, 2008

Fellow HNP Block Captains (others blind copied);
As reported earlier, the house at the SE corner of Edgefield and Stiles experienced a break-in on Aug 27th (Wed).  Check out below for details on this house robbery --- thanks to Daniel!  If anyone remembers seeing a vehicle in that driveway (facing Stiles) at about 1:15pm on that Wed, please report in to us.
Greg, just spoke to my neighbor today. It appears that the thief entered the home thru the garage via a garage door opener that was left in the patio area. When police arrived, they found the back door open. Inside the home was a pillow case on the floor the thief apparently was going to fill before being scared off by the security alarm.  Several items were taken but it could have been worse if it wasn’t for the security alarm sounding. This home is on the corner with high traffic in and out of our sub-division. Someone may have seen a vehicle at this location which may lead to a good tip for police. The robbery occurred on Wednesday Aug. 27 at about 1:15 p.m. on the corner of Edgefield Trail and Stiles.  Thanks, Daniel


August 4, 2008

Fellow HNP Block Captains (others blind copied);
Regarding Kings Mill home robbery on Monday, we just received the following information.  A red truck with two Hispanic males was sighted and the license number (24W BK3) was reported to police.  We'll see if that leads to an arrest.  Meanwhile until we hear something new, we still need to keep an eye out for a red truck and the description of the two men presented below.
Greg Ajemian
Heritage Neighborhood Partnership
From Larry Kinard (Kings Mill Crime Watch) sent on Wed at 10:30pm:
Subject: Re: Fw: truck & new info
Date: Tuesday, August 5, 2008, 11:09 PM

Hi Larry,

Thank you. Yes, we had been able to determine that was a dead end. However, a
new/newer red ford F150 was spotted today by a Kings mill resident over in
Walnut Ridge Estates. She called us today with the license plate number because
there were two young Hispanic men in the truck matching the general description
of the two young, well-built  men with the very short haircuts, etc. that myself
and my daughters saw yesterday. 

The License plate #is 24W BK3. I was pretty sure the truck I saw was either a
Ford or a Dodge, as was my daughter (she thinks it was a Ford). 

Anyway I guess we need to pass this on  the officer. I need to call him anyway,
but since it was another Kings Mill resident I suppose you could call him too-
Julia Drummonnd was the resident who saw the truck. It would not hurt to check
it out- the officer seemed to be of the opinion that it was local people.

Thanks again,
Stephanie Daniels
Sent 8-4-08 at 3:49 pm:
Kim Kucera reported just a few minutes ago that two Hispanic males driving a red pickup had broken into a house on Kingsbury by knocking out the window in the kitchen and entering through the door.  Two children were in the house at the time but parents had left for a short time.  Upon returning the home owner found the pickup in the driveway and spotted the intruders who ran out of the house after stealing several items of jewelry.  Everyone is ok and police have been called and are working on the incident.  Kim said she had seen the pickup earlier in the morning parked on Royal Crest just past the pond.  People living in that area should check for the possibility of breakins along Royal Crest.  If you or your neighbors spotted the red pickup and were able to get a license number please let me know.  Any information we can gather on this incident will be helpful. 
Sad to have this happening to us and is a strong reminder that we all are very vulnerable.  Kim is going to send email to all addresses that she has but please do the same with your list.  It wont hurt to have it go out twice.  We want to make sure everyone is aware of this  and be on the alert for the pickup in the neighborhood.
Larry Kinard (Kings Mill Crime Watch)








June 3, 2008

June 3, 2008:  2100 Block of Ragland (north side of Ragland and west of Kingsley) ---- A Sony DVD player and a Brother computer printer was stolen along with a damaged door frame --- totalling $350 in loss.  Looks like forced entry into home.




March 31, 2008


Fellow HNP Block Captains (others blind copied);
We had a house burglary today (sometime between 7:30am and 4:30pm) on the 2200 Block of Dobree Street.  It was a forced entry through the front door.  The door jam was splintered at the location of the dead-bolt lock.  The homeowner's account is as follows;  "We have filed a police report.  They broke through the front door and didn't find much worth taking,  A couple of flat-screen computer monitors.  They left the computers behind.  They ransacked the bedrooms and closets looking for whatever might be of value.  Again not much worth taking.  Just a big mess to clean up.  The neighbors should be on the lookout." 
Rob/Catherine ---- please pass this along to your patrollers to see if anyone may have been patrolling during this time period and could have seen a suspicious vehicle or something unusual.
Greg Ajemian
Heritage Neighborhood Partnership



February 6, 2008


Fellow HNP Block Captains (others blind copied);
Thanks to Shelley, she shared the following (see e-mail at bottom) regarding her house burglary on the 2100 block of Nugent.  As she mentions, it sure looks like a young female(s) job.  If so, the kids are very likely to live nearby.  To our residents and our patrollers, be on the lookout for suspicious girls in the vicinity of Nugent. 
Please pass this along to your street residents.  Thanks!
Greg Ajemian
Heritage Neighborhood Partnership

FYI, We were broken into yesterday 2/6, I came home for lunch around 3pm and noticed a back window wide open. They jimmyed the window and went through the whole house looking for something then left through the front door.(I know this because the door was unlocked when I got home)  There were many things they could have taken worth money in plain sight. All that was taken was a laptop a pair of boots and an old prom dress of my daughters. They also sprayed perfume throughout the bedroom. Everything they rummaged through has mainly feminine.  So be on the look out for a possible group of suspicious girls in the neighborhood.
Police were notified and came on site. Report was filed.




February 16, 2007


Fellow HNP Block Captains (some others blind copied);  March 17, 2007

On March 10th, we circulated a crimewatch e-mail regarding a police report filed on February 16th for a house break-in on the 1900 block of Perry Drive. The $16,200 loss included a LCD TV, computer and printer, cordless phones, iPOD, digital camera, two DVD players, and a lot of jewelry.

As promised, I gained the following info from Detective Ambreit. The break-in occurred during daylight hours (our second-hand info was that the break-in was about 10:00 am). The entry was through an open garage door. So, this was not a forced entry.

Detective Ambreit mentioned the following:

1. Our area is doing pretty well in comparison to other parts of the city with respect to overall crime.

2. Home invasion happens a high percentage of the time during daylight hours when there is much less chance of confrontation for the burglers.

3. A significant percentage of home invasions occur through an open garage door. This is a good reminder to us about the importance of keeping the garage doors closed.




February 16, 2007: 

Perry Drive, 1900 block: A Samsung LCD television, a HP computer system, a
Canon printer, two cordless phones, a pearl necklace, a pair of pearl and
diamond earrings, a pair of diamond stud earrings, a pair of diamond hoop
earrings, a pair of diamond and opal earrings, an emerald and diamond
bracelet, a pair of emerald and diamond earrings, a pair of sapphire and
diamond earrings, a diamond heart necklace, a diamond cross necklace, a
diamond tennis bracelet, a diamond necklace, an Apple video iPod, a digital
camera and two DVD players were stolen, totaling $16,250 in loss.


Entry occurred around 10:00am and was through open garage.  No forced entry.