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Crimes Against Vehicles













Crime against vehicles is by far the most frequent issue that we have for the HNP that consists of about 1,000 homes.  Cars parked along the street curb or the driveway are prone to passer-by criminal activity.  The events below are the reported crimes against vehicles that do not include "smash and grab" contents theft that are covered under the above link; "Vehicle Contents Theft", or truck wheels theft that is also covered by an above link; "Truck Wheels Theft".  The instances below give you an idea of the different issues and frequency that we have been experiencing within the HNP for our parked vehicles.  Fortunately, we do not experience stolen vehicles very often, maybe once a year.


We have noticed that vehicles that are parked along the curb in the street are much more likely to be vandalized than ones parked in the driveway. 


We will be listing these specific crimes below as they have occurred within our vicinity.


October 30, 2012

A F-250 Ford truck was broken into at 2305 Hillary Trail around mid-night on Oct 30th.  Navigation system and ipod were stolen and the dash was badly damaged. 


October 26, 2012

F-250 Ford truck with landscaping trailer was stolen from Richmond Court (and then recovered later that morning) on October 26th.  Several landscaping items were stolen from the trailer. 


July 22, 2012

Richmond Court --- A 2006 grey Volk Jetta was stolen sometime during this past weekend.


August 9, 2011

During overnight hours on August 9th, a Ford F-250 pick-up and trailor was stolen. 


May 20, 2011

There was a 2004 GMC crew Cab pickup stolen last night some time after 2:30am from 2508 Edgefield. I filed a report with Mansfield this morning. 


THIS IS KRISTY AUSTIN AT 2 ADAMS CT, JUST WANTED TO LET EVERYONE KNOW THAT MY TRUCK WAS STOLEN AT 12:02AM ON FRIDAY MAY 20TH. IT WAS A 2006 4DOOR GMC GRAY. WE HAVE THE GUYS ON THE SURVEILLANCE CAMERA, WE ARE TURNING IT INTO THE POLICE TODAY I HOPE. IT TOOK THEM ABOUT 4 MINUTES TOTAL.  Later update --- Police have the CD and have found parts of my truck and have arrested 3 suspects, it has turned out to be part of a chop shop. 


May 1, 2011

At 2300 Richmond Circle on May 1st, a 2007 GMC Sierra 2500 truck was stolen late at night.  It was recovered in Dallas early Monday morning as damaged. 


February 22, 2011

We had a vehicle break-in at 1902 Austin Street sometime during the very early morning hours on Feb 22nd that resulted in a stolen navigation stereo system.


December 16, 2010

Criminal mischief (damage to a car) occurred at 2100 Field Lane on December 16th.


December 7, 2010

A 2005 Dodge 4-door 2500-model truck was stolen from 1903 Meera Lane on December 7th at about 3am.  This type of truck was discussed by the Police as a target for several other recent auto thefts in the area.


November 30, 2010

June Jester (Hodges Place Block Captain) reported that one of her street neighbors (2214 Hodges Place) had a maroon Dodge truck (Ram 2500) stolen from the driveway on the evening of Nov 30th. 


July 30, 2010

We may have an ongoing issue with tire punctures.  Allen Marshall of 2306 Dobree had his truck tire punctured along the sidewall (forcing a total replacement) by a screwdriver or ice pick back on June 18th.  Now, we just had a police report filed for the same kind of crime at 2304 Laura Elizabeth Trail on July 30th.  I noticed that a couple of other such incidents have occurred in neighborhoods around us on or about July 30th. 


June 26, 2010

8 Louis Court --- Sherri Noble (Hillary Block Captain for north of Country Club) reported that her truck back window was broken out sometime very early on June 26th.


June 2, 2010

Criminal mischief resulted in $1,200 damage to a 2008 Honda Civic at 2316 Laura Elizabeth Trail.  No other info is available.


April 29, 2010

A resident at 2200 Block of Field Lane had a window broken out of their minivan sometime around midnight on April 29th.  In addition, there were four more such police reports of this occurring at about the same time in an area just west of Matlock and north of Country Club.  Of course, there may have been several other such incidents that night which a police report was not produced.  Anyone being a victim of this type of vandalism that night would have been part of a kid spree.


December 2, 2009

1900 Block of Perry:  It looks like a evap system ($300 value) may have been stolen from a 2006 Ford Escape.  An evap system keeps gas vapors from escaping from the fuel system.


May 20, 2009

A crime report was issued for a stolen 1999 GMC truck from 2200 Laura Elizabeth Trail late in the evening of May 20th (Wed night) or very early morning of May 21st.  The vehicle was recovered a short time later.  


April 20-24, 2009

June 3, 2009 update --- Regarding three incidents -- Mar 13th, Apr 20th, Apr 24th -- involving the use of landscaping bricks to smash vehicles along the street curb, I just received the following update from the Mansfield Community Officer.  The following statement confirms to me that the suspects are minors (not a surprise), the police know who was doing this (good news!  And, maybe these kids realize that the police are on to them.), and the lack of cooperation from the parents (assumption) and the probability that the suspects live in Arlington rather than Mansfield (assumption) could make things too tough to "file this case".  Y'all can make your own interpretations of the following;  "Greg, We have suspects in the case regarding the smashed vehicle windows but they are not cooperating and we may not be able to file a case." 

Two cars (parked along the curb) were smashed very late on April 20th (last Monday night).  A 1993 Chevy Cavalier (2003 Windcastle) received $800 of damage from a thrown landscaping rock, while a 2009 Lexus (2521 Elliott) received $5,000 of damage also from a thrown landscaping rock.  To make matters worse, the Chevy Cavalier was repaired after the April 20th incident and then was hit again with another landscaping rock on April 24th at about 2am.  This time, the "drive-by" vehicle was seen ---- a light colored pick-up truck with an extended length with dually wheels (double tires for rear-end).  We need to keep an eye out for this vehicle and get the license plate number!  Particularly, if this vehicle is seen moving about during late night or early morning hours.


To add to the above, a Dobree resident had three landscaping rocks stolen from their front yard near the sidewalk on April 21st.  The resident actually recovered one of the landscaping rocks (next day) that was laying on a sidewalk on Berrigan Drive - very near Stiles Drive (Arlington).  The Mansfield Police will be contacted to see if they can work with the Arlington Police on chance that anyone in that specific area might own a dually truck.




March 14, 2009


Car vandalism that took place some time after 12 a. m. on the morning of March 14. Vandals through a landscape block into the back glass of a Dodge that was parked on the street at 2503 Edgefield Trail. It broke the glass out and did some interior damage. Police notified my neighbor that several incidents occurred in the area that night. It might be a good idea to park vehicles in the driveways if at all possible.



February 6, 2009


I just wanted to let you know that our neighbor’s car (2504 Logan) was vandalized on Thursday night/early Friday morning (Feb 5-6). Their white car was parked on the street in front of their house and was spray painted w/bright pink paint.  No others cars in this general area were painted but my neighbor did note that when they drove through the neighborhood Friday morning, they saw one other white car also spray painted. I’m not sure what street it was on, though.    Thanks,  Christy Harris



December 1, 2008


A hubcap and fie lug nuts were stolen from a 2007 Dodge Avenger totaling $150 in loss on 2500 block of Edgefield.


November 24, 2008


A 1998 Ford F150 was stolen (including 760 team jerseys) totaling $26,400 in losses on 2500 block of Elliot Avenue.


July 23, 2008


On Ragland Road (2800 Block), a license plate was stolen.



July 20, 2008


Meera Court, 100 block: An Escort radar detector, a pneumatic hose and a Jaguar S-type were stolen, totaling $12,975 in loss.



May 23, 2008

1900 Block of Austin Street ----  A Magellan GPS unit was stolen from a 2006 GMC 1500 totally $340 in loss.


May 18, 2008

Fellow HNP Block Captains (others blind copied);
Regarding the e-mail at the bottom of this message (trucks being stolen with tow truck), we have the following note that was sent in by a resident in Walnut Hills Addition:
"We had a friend that lives in the Arbors that also had their truck stolen, its was an F350, and it was stolen from the hospital parking lot on Broad St. during the day last week! Looks like they are targeting Ford trucks to be wary..."



April 15, 2008

Hi Greg,
I just got a call from one of my neighbors (2300 block of Field Lane) about a theft that occurred yesterday from their vehicle.  The garage door opener was stolen from a truck in the driveway.  They noticed that the garage door was open and thought they had possible left it open.  They did not notice the opener was missing right away.  While gone from the house today my neighbor started to worry about the missing garage door opener so he headed for home.  When he got home his garage door was open.  Just a minute or so earlier another neighbor had called the house to alert them that their garage was open and their dog was out in the front yard.  No one suspicious was in the neighborhood and nothing apparently was missing.  They phoned the police who suggested that it was probably kids playing a prank but they don't think so.  Carol carpools so both of her cars were in the garage so it would seem that they were planning a break in and saw two vehicles home and assumed someone was at home so they left.
She is wondering if anyone else in the neighborhood has had a similar experience lately and wants to warn everyone to lock their car doors even while in the driveway because as we know stealing garage door openers is a common criminal activity, with the intent to later break in. 
They immediately disconnected the door opener until they could spend the time reprogramming the opener so that the stolen one won't work. 
I am a little surprised that the police didn't find this more disconcerting.  If you need more information let me know
Thanks for all your hard work!
Kim (resident on Field Lane)



April 14, 2008

As an update to the Savannah Drive vehicle vandalism that occurred yesterday, the car that was stolen was recovered by the owners in Arlington at an apartment complex.  The car had a GPS tracking device that allowed the residents to located it and take it home.  The Arlington Police are also short on manpower ---- as evidenced by the fact that they took 2.5 hours to respond to the vehicle owners that were staying with their vehicle at the apartment complex!  And, then the police weren't interested in pursuing the apartment dwellers for stealing the car.  The thieves had stripped the car of its identification stickers, plates, etc and did some trashing of the interior.




Fellow HNP Block Captains (others blind copied);


Last night or early this morning, vandalism to three vehicles occurred near 2300 block of Savannah Drive.  A 1997 black Honda CRB was stolen, a Dodge truck had its dash board stolen, and a Toyota car was broken into and items stolen.  The three vehicles were at three different residences that are located in the same vicinity.  All three vehicles were parked in the driveway.  There's a chance that this vandalism could have occurred about 3:30 this morning.  At this time, we don't know if more vandalism had occurred elsewhere nearby. 


To the HNP Citizens Patrol ---- check our logs to see if anyone reported any suspicious vehicles last night.


Greg Ajemian

Heritage Neighborhood Partnership




August 29, 2007

A resident on Dobree Court just reported two theft losses that occurred on their street last night.    "We had a chain saw stolen from the bed of our truck last night which was parked in the driveway.   The lid of the metal tool box was lifted up, but nothing that we know of is missing.  I am filing a police report today.  Our neighbor had some things stolen out of their pick up truck last night too.  It has a cover on it and they lifted the cover and took some tools and a $50 soccer bag with soccer gear. 



June 6-15, 2007


Bitsy,   (message dated 6-15-07)

You were a huge help! Those plates may be stolen. See the following update that I just sent out to everyone for distribution.



I am not sure how much help I was. The plate number registered to a Taurus and the car was not a Taurus. The police officer said the case would be assigned to a detective in the next day or so. I will let you know if we hear anything else.


----- Original Message ----
From: "" <>
Cc: "Pike, Ronnie" <>
Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2007 10:02:38 PM
Subject: Fw: Crimewatch --- suspicious white 4-door car --- identified during theft!!


Great job!!!! See the message below that I just sent out to the HNP Block Captains for distribution. I'm sending this to you because Ronnie is out of town right now. Secondly, have you heard anything from the Police regarding the capture of this individual?

Thanks for all you have done for us!

Greg Ajemian
Heritage Neighborhood Partnership

----- Original Message -----
To: Wilkerson, Kristi ; Whitt, Beverly ; White, Lisa ; Voegele, Patti ; Swaim, Brian ; Sommer, Brenda ; Shumate, Kristie ; Seaman, Butch ; Robbins, Gene ; Jennifer Ramsey ; Pike, Ronnie ; Melva-Darrell Peters ; Pennington, Peg ; Noble, Sherri ; Nelms, Bill ; Mullins, Julie ; McCurdy, Amy ; Martin, Joan ; Malone, Julie ; June Jester ; Haynes, Darryl ; Harris, Christy ; Emerson, Kathy-Judd ; Ellis, Bill ; Doyle, Luann ; Cheshier, Jean ; Castro, Jose ; Cameron, Brett ; Bruce, Barbie ; Mark Brown ; Jennifer Barnette
Sent: Friday, June 15, 2007 12:00 PM
Subject: HNP: Crimewatch --- Update on white 4-door car --- identified during theft!!


Fellow HNP Block Captains (others blind copied) dated June 15, 2007:

As an update, Officer Curtis Phillip replied back to me this morning and stated that he has forwarded our e-mails to the detectives. He also stated that no arrest has been made yet.

We need to do two things:

1. Any residents that have experienced a theft loss (this guy seems to have focused on wheels) during the past ten days should call Officer Curtis Phillip at 817-276-4757 and file a report. The more reports that are filed will elevate the priority status of this case with the detectives. It will also present an opportunity to recover the lost items.

2. We need to keep a look-out for this particular vehicle ---- a 4-door white Ford Crown Victoria with dark tinted windows (plate --- D60LBN) and a For Sale sign on the back window behind the driver. Since the car has not been found yet, the driver may still be doing his work. Any sighting (time and location) will be valuable for the Police to know. Also, keep in mind that one of our residents (see e-mail string below) had witnessed two such cars running in tandem last week.

As we continue to receive such e-mails on this issue, I'll continue sending them to Officer Curtis Phillip to add to their case. Any resident is also free to call Officer Curtis Phillip at 817-276-4757 to directly report a sighting of this vehicle.


Greg Ajemian
Heritage Neighborhood Partnership

----- Original Message -----
From: Butch Seaman
Cc: Wilkerson, Kristi ; Whitt, Beverly ; White, Lisa ; Voegele, Patti ; Swaim, Brian ; Sommer, Brenda ; Shumate, Kristie ; Robbins, Gene ; Jennifer Ramsey ; Pike, Ronnie ; Melva-Darrell Peters ; Pennington, Peg ; Noble, Sherri ; Nelms, Bill ; Mullins, Julie ; McCurdy, Amy ; Martin, Joan ; Malone, Julie ; June Jester ; Haynes, Darryl ; Harris, Christy ; Emerson, Kathy-Judd ; Ellis, Bill ; Doyle, Luann ; Cheshier, Jean ; Castro, Jose ; Cameron, Brett ; Bruce, Barbie ; Mark Brown ; Jennifer Barnette
Sent: Friday, June 15, 2007 11:18 AM
Subject: Re: HNP: Crimewatch --- suspicious white 4-door car --- identified during theft!!

OK.... here is what I got a hit on the white ford from public data.

License number:007723840
DOB:Apr 27 1981
Owner Address:926 E WALNUT ST
Owner City/State/ZIP Code:HILLSBORO ,TX 76645

Texas Criminal Results:None Found

Vehicle Make:FORD
Vehicle Model Year:1999
Vehicle Body Type:4D
Current Plate:D60LBN


On 6/14/07, < > wrote:
Fellow HNP Block Captains (others blind copied);

Please check out the e-mail messages below and distribute to your residents. Thanks to Bitsy Bruton, a resident on Laura Elizabeth Trail, we may have solved the "suspicious white 4-door car" problem!!

I encourage anyone that has experienced a theft loss during the past week, please call the Mansfield Police and discuss this e-mail. There's a chance that your loss could be tied to the license plate shown below. Butch ----- regarding your e-mail below, you may have a claim for your lost wheels.

Appreciate everyone doing their part in watching out for each other!!!

I will forward this message to the Community Officer for the Mansfield Police ---- Curtis Phillip ---- for his further update and request that these e-mails get to a detective that should be working this case.

Greg Ajemian
Heritage Neighborhood Partnership


From: Bitsy Bruton []
Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2007 5:47 PM
To: rpike
Subject: Theft on LET


Just letting you know that today a 4 door white Ford Crown Victoria
with dark tinted windows and a For Sale sign on the back window behind
the driver pulled in the driveway of 2317 LET backwards and a black male
got out of the passenger side and loaded up 3 out of 4 tires and wheels
that were on a trailer in the driveway. I was able to call the homeowner
to make sure no one was picking them up and then call 911. The license
plate is Texas plate #D60 LBN. The police officer said it registered to
someone in Hillsboro. This happened at 1:30 this afternoon.

A lady that was walking by after it happened told the homeowner that
she has seen that car several times driving down Stiles as she was out

Bitsy Bruton
2313 LET


Kim (cc Lisa, Sherri), Sent Tuesday June 12, 2007 6:30 PM

Check out Lisa White's e-mail below. I've copied her on this. So, you two can carry on further dialogue on this issue. I believe that the white car that I saw had dark tinted windows.

Thanks for y'alls involvement on this!


----- Original Message -----
From: Lisa White
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2007 10:30 AM
Subject: Re: HNP: Crimewatch --- more on suspicious white 4-door car

Did anyone notice if the windows were tinted dark? I know it was at night, but I have seen two cars which travel togther in Mansfield (last week) during the day and they drive very fast and the cars actually look like older police cars. They went by so fast I didn't get the tag number. let me know if that is possibly the same car. Greg, please forward this to Kim Shephard please to see what she says about the car.

Lisa White


From: Butch Seaman
Cc: Jennifer Barnette ; Mark Brown ; Bruce, Barbie ; Cameron, Brett ; Castro, Jose ; Cheshier, Jean ; Doyle, Luann ; Ellis, Bill ; Emerson, Kathy-Judd ; Harris, Christy ; Haynes, Darryl ; June Jester ; Malone, Julie ; Martin, Joan ; McCurdy, Amy ; Mullins, Julie ; Nelms, Bill ; Noble, Sherri ; Pennington, Peg ; Melva-Darrell Peters ; Pike, Ronnie ; Jennifer Ramsey ; Robbins, Gene ; Shumate, Kristie ; Sommer, Brenda ; Swaim, Brian ; Voegele, Patti ; White, Lisa ; Whitt, Beverly ; Wilkerson, Kristi
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2007 9:50 AM
Subject: Re: HNP: Crimewatch --- more on suspicious white 4-door car


If someone will get the license plate I can run this car and see what information we come up with.

We had our wheels stolen last Thursday off of my wifes Yukon in our Driveway. Value was about 5k.


On 6/11/07, <> wrote:
Fellow HNP Block Captains (others blind copied);

Regarding the suspicious white car that was reported on Dobree last Wed, check out the following e-mail received from a resident on Hillary Trail. We need to keep our eyes open for this vehicle! Please circulate this message to our residents.

Greg Ajemian
Heritage Neighborhood Partnership


Sent: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 11:49 am
Subject: Re: Fwd: HNP: Crimewatch --- stolen mower / suspicious vehicle

I had a similar incident with an older model white car. At around 1:
00am Thurs. or Fri. I was at my car picking up something from the
floor. The car stopped in the middle of the street. When I stood up
it pulled away. It scared me so I went to the porch to watch. It came
back, turned off its lights and opened the door. When I opened the
front door to run in they drove off so I didn't feel safe to stay and
get a plate number. I watched for it several hours but it never came back.

We should definitely watch for this car.

Kim Shephard


Subj: Fwd: HNP: Crimewatch --- stolen mower / suspicious vehicle
Sent: Sun, 10 Jun 2007 10:45 pm
Subject: HNP: Crimewatch --- stolen mower / suspicious vehicle

Fellow HNP Block Captains (others blind copied);

On June 6th . . . . I had just picked up the morning paper (Dobree Street) at
5:45 am when a car that was moving east on Dobree pulled over to the
wrong side curb and stopped. The driver started to get out and had a
foot on the curb. The driver stopped moving and then got back into
the car and took off. The car went down to Edgefield and took a
right. I think the driver may have noticed me. It really looked
suspicious and I failed to get the license plate (although it was fairly dark at
that time). The car was an older model four-door and white. It looked
like a mid-sized car. If anyone notices a car like that in our
neighborhood that looks suspicious, try and get its license plate number.

Greg Ajemian
Heritage Neighborhood Partnership




May 15, 2007


On the 2600 block of Morgan Ann Avenue, a 2004 Chevrolet Aver (including cell phone) was stolen on May 15, 2007.  Total reported loss was $8,100.


June 5, 2006

Fellow HNP Block Captains (dated June 5, 2006);


Check out the following e-mail about a vehicle that was stolen from Laura Elizabeth Court on June 2nd.  Mark is not only a Dallas police officer who happens to have been part of this "catch" and recovery of the stolen vehicle;  but, he also resides within the HNP on Louis Court.  Lucky us!  A few more like Mark and we wouldn't have to worry about crime around here!  By the way, I believe that this is the first stolen vehicle that we have experienced within the HNP during the past 3 1/2 years.


This e-mail gives everyone an idea of the "ring" that was operating and how it worked.  Mark explained to me that the ongoing construction along Debbie Lane is bringing in people from outside our neighborhood (or in the case below, from West Dallas).  We should be very concerned to see trucks with construction workers moving thru our streets at slow speeds after normal working hours.  Basically, they may be shopping for a particular vehicle on their shopping list that they can steal and take home to change VIN numbers (see Mark's message below), etc.  The three attached pics are vehicles found at the residences of offenders that may be associated with vehicle thefts.  These three vehicles could be used again.


If anyone sees suspicious vehicles as described above or as shown in the three attachments, please take down your observations on the vehicle (or plate number if possible) and pass it along to the Block Captains or the police.  We need to keep our eyes open and recognize that this crime activity is new for our neighborhood.  Mark states that we should never approach such a vehicle.  But showing your presence by observing does send a solid message that this neighborhood is watchful, which are places that these thieves don't like to do their work.


Please pass this along to your residents.  Thanks!!!


By the way, I'm adding Mark to our HNP Block Captain registry as a HNP police liaison. 


Greg Ajemian

Heritage Neighborhood Partnership





From Mark Brown (HNP Police Liaison) dated June 5th:


This is an alert regarding the vehicle that was stolen from 1 Laura Elizabeth Court in the early morning hours of June 2. The thief was apprehended at his residence in West Dallas (Singleton and Bernal area) after Dallas Police Auto Theft executed a search warrant for the location in the afternoon of June 2.  The stolen vehicle from Laura Elizabeth Court was recovered, but with some damage.


The thief had bought a salvaged vehicle and then searched for several weeks in surrounding counties trying to find an exact match that he could steal. The thief was then planning on switching the VIN plates on the salvaged vehicle with the stolen vehicle and selling it. The thief used several contacts to help him locate this vehicle which ultimately ended up being stolen from the HNP neighborhood. The thief is connected to several people who do construction work and the Dallas Police Dept feels this is how several car thieves locate the vehicles they steal.


Attached are 3 different vehicles that were suspected of committing the theft and were at the

thief's residence when he was arrested. The light blue and silver Chevy had a concealed wrecker boom in the bed of the truck that could fold out and be fully functional. The Ford F-350 has flames on front fender and hood. The blue Ford F-150 has a toolbox in the bed and is a single cab without tint. All residents should be aware of any 'construction vehicles' driving in the neighborhood at odd hours and seemingly without purpose. This suspicious activity should be reported to the Mansfield Police Dept and residents should not attempt to approach the suspects themselves. It should be noted that this was the first time this thief had ever stolen from Mansfield but residents should remain vigilant in crime watch responsibilities so as to deter any future offenses. The thief is being held in the Dallas County Jail on 4 other felony offenses, two of which were being filed in Federal Court by the ATF.


 M.L. Brown #8021

Dallas Police Department

Auto Theft Deployment Squad