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Crimes Against Vehicles



GPS UNITS A THEFT TARGET FOR VEHICLES ---  Star Telegram; November 30, 2007


GPS UNITS A THEFT TARGET FOR VEHICLES ---  Star Telegram; September 4, 2007


Our HNP Citizens Patrol has made the following observation ---- those with GPS units in their vehicles should put them away when the vehicle is left unattended.  But, to leave them on after dusk in the vehicle is like waving a flag to steal me!  The patrollers can easily see the lights for these GPS units at night when they have been left on in parked vehicles.  Theft of these GPS units is really hot right now.  Folks should at least turn them off when leaving the vehicle!


See the following e-mails for GPS incidents;






September 26, 2008

On September 26th, sometime between midnight and 4am --- a GPS unit was stolen from a truck parked in the driveway at the 2300 Block of Dobree.


From Brian Ehrler (Dobree resident):  I wanted to give everyone an update on the GPS.  I called the GPS manufacturer (Garmin) the same day my GPS was stolen and found out the following:


Garmin Inc. stolen GPS policy is to collect information on stolen GPS units by serial number and model number.  They then are able to disable the units from accessing the Garmin update.  The update is needed anytime, maps, waypoints, points of interest or other items are added to the GPS by an end user. 


When an update attempt is made GPS displays an “unable to update, please call 1-800-XXX-XXXX.”  When the person calls in with the GPS info, Garmin attempts to compel them to ship the unit back for “free” repairs.  Once Garmin receives the unit back they ship it to the police department where the “stolen” report was filed, along with information regarding the possessor of the stolen unit.


The person I spoke with at Garmin told me they have a 40% recovery rate using this method for units reported stolen.


So if you have a GPS, take a moment to copy down the model and serial number.  Register the unit, and it may return to you if it gets stolen.