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This website last updated on November 14, 2016


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This website is for the residents of Heritage Neighborhood Partnership (HNP). This website is for distributing important information to our local community.


Also --- check out our site --- search on Heritage Neighborhood Partnership.  This Facebook site can be a useful tool to post comments / discussions!





Mansfield Police Crime Information On-line:  click here

         (After specifying the date range for pulling crime records, put

         2351 Country Club for the address and "1.5 mile" for the search

         range, and then click on "Map These Events with Google".  This

         will give you the crime reports for our HNP vicinity.) 



Crimewatch  (plus neighborhood incidents;  updated on January 12, 2013)



Stolen items?  Check out this link for how to potentially recover your things! 




SH-360 Extension --- project update / maps!)

                      (updated October 23, 2016)



Update on new Community Park Initiative; 80-acre site is located along east side of Matlock & south side of Kings Mill.  Click for details.   (updated January 18, 2014)




HNP House / Property Issues




Logan Drive Median!  Click here to go to the webpage for info/status!

                                   (updated August 15, 2010)



Mansfield Mirror Article (dated 2-22-08) on our HNP!!  Click here!



October 25, 2016 Neighborhood Meeting Results

       (click here for results plus all past HNP meetings)




Services within the HNP Neighborhood




Recommended Contractors